BREAKING NEWS: Scumbo arrested as a suspect in the first double murder case of this year

(L-R) The male victim Taheba York (31) (FB name: Taheba Samuel) aka MABBLOW from SXM, but he was raised in Saint Kitts and the female victim Sabrina Martes (23).


~ A source confirm 721news that former politician Fernando York-van Heynigen was arrested this morning in the double murder case of this year ~

Fernando York -van Heynigen aka Scumbo

SUCKERGARDEN, Sint Maarten — On Tuesday August 29th at approximately 07.00 a.m. under the instructions of the Acting judge a house search was done by police at a home in the Upper Princess Quarter area in connection with an ongoing investigation.

One male suspect identified as Fernando York – van Heynigen was arrested and several items probably related to this case that were found at this home were confiscated for further investigation.

Police spokesman said: “No further details regarding this investigation will be disclosed at this time.”





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