Successful and Safe Conduct of Carnival Jump-Up: Sint Maarten Police Force




KPSM Press Release: The Sint Maarten Police Force (KPSM) commends the public of Sint Maarten for a successful and safe execution of the Carnival 2025 jump-opening held on Thursday night, April 18th.

The event, which drew enthusiastic participation from residents and visitors alike, proceeded smoothly with no reported safety incidents during the parade. The efforts of KPSM officers, /VKS combined with effective planning, contributed to the overall safe and secure parade.

However, following the conclusion of the jump-up after 11:00 PM, the KPSM took swift action in response to incidents that occurred outside the festival Village. Two male individuals were arrested in connection with a physical altercation. Both suspects were detained overnight under the zero-tolerance protocol and subsequently questioned and fined.

Additionally, later in the evening, officers apprehended a male suspect found in possession of a firearm. Preliminary investigations revealed that gunshots were heard near a bar outside the Carnival Village. officers who were in the area promptly identified and arrested the individual seen with the firearm. He is currently in custody pending further investigation.

The KPSM underscores its unwavering commitment to ensuring public safety and maintaining law and order during festive occasions. We reiterate that illegal possession of firearms will be met with swift and decisive action. Our officers remain vigilant and proactive in enforcing the law to safeguard our community.

We urge the public to cooperate with law enforcement authorities and report any suspicious activities or individuals immediately. Together, we can uphold the peace and security of Sint Maarten.