The is a merge of my two news services, Paparazzi BBM News who only cater “Breaking News” on Whatsapp Phone and The Real Paparazzi FB page who cater news on Facebook.  The overwhelm grow of my network in the last 5 years, I decided to establish a more organize news system by creating the news website that will bring the news as it develop to the readers in Sint Maarten and overseas.

We are currently the most reliable news service on the Blackberry and Facebook the idea with 721NEWS is to become the most reliable news services on the web.

With our large network system consisting of 4000 Whatsapp contacts, on Facebook with have over 43000 plus Facebook contacts, we know we can spread the news within minutes around the island and the world (Europe, Africa, America, the Caribbean and Asia).

The 721News will be keeping the readers up to date on weather situations especially during the Hurricane season, Breaking news, utility outages, traffic conditions and much more. For the best news coverage 721News service is your answer.

With the merging and creation of our new news website 721NEWS we would like to offer your business a advertising space on our website where we can guarantee you base on our network size our readers will have the chance to see your ads and also visit your website or Facebook LIKE page.

Once you agree to place your ad on our website is to put your website/facebook like page web-link to your ad. So that if a person wants to get more information on your product you offers they can easy click on the ad and it will re-direct them to your Website or Facebook LIKE page.

The website has different Category like Local, World, Business, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Sports and Region & Caribbean news. The Region and Caribbean news has 4 boxes where the news will be offered in 5 language Dutch, English, Spanish and French on each category or page you can request us to place your ad(s).

We have 4 type of AD sizes on our website:

Acceptable Formats: *jpeg, *png, *gif

In the website header (TOP part) Horizontal banner size –  Width: 530 pixel, Height: 100 pixel

On the right side of the website we have multiple box size – Width: 300 pixel, Height: 300 pixel

Under different section (left center) of the website we have multiple horizontal banner size – Width: 650 pixel, Height: 185 pixel

Billboard size center of the website we have multiple Billboard size – Width: 650 pixel, Height: 430 pixel

Top Header 

Sidebar Banners

News Category Banners

Billboard Banner

Please contact us for more information!
Contact Person: Gromyko Wilson
Tel.: +17215208695 or +1721-5569595


Best E-mail us via the G-mail account or use the Contact Form.

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