Medical Express will be a pioneer in the Dominican Republic with a certification of excellence for medical tourism.



This recognized certification seeks to improve clinical and administrative outcomes, quality, transparency and safety in patient-centered care.

Santo Domingo. – Through an inter-institutional agreement with Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA), the Médico Express San Isidro outpatient health center is set to become the first healthcare service provider in the Dominican Republic and the wider Caribbean region to attain GHA Certification for Excellence in Medical Tourism Patient Experience.

This certification, facilitated by GHA, will equip the clinical and administrative staff of this center with training and tools necessary for enhancing its standards of excellence in quality and experience for both local and international patients. By optimizing their medical tourism programs, the center aims to bolster confidence in the country as a secure health tourism destination.

The agreement signing ceremony saw the participation of Renée Marie Stephano, Executive President of GHA and founder of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA), Alejandro Cambiaso, Executive President of Médico Express, Vice President Francesco Fino, and other key executives including Felipe Amador, CEO of Advanced Capital Group.

Dr. Alejandro Cambiaso expressed his commitment to ensuring world-class care with state-of-the-art technology through this partnership, emphasizing the center’s dedication to the Dominican and tourist populations. Médico Express San Isidro, renowned for its innovative preventive, diagnostic, surgical, and emergency services, is poised to lead in accessibility, medical tourism, and the digital transformation of the Dominican health sector.

The center will soon inaugurate a modern international department aimed at facilitating medical evaluations and procedures for tourists promptly and affordably, thereby contributing to the growth of health tourism in the country.

Medical tourism is a vital economic driver for the Dominican Republic, creating jobs and facilitating knowledge and technology transfer. The eastern region, previously lacking medical services with such standards, stands to benefit significantly from this development.

Renée Marie Stephano highlighted the Dominican Republic’s ranking in the Medical Tourism Index (MTI), where it stands 19th globally and second in Latin America, underscoring its prominence as a premier health tourism destination in the Caribbean.

GHA’s training and certification services will impart essential skills and protocols to Médico Express staff, positioning the center as a hub of excellence and regional reference in medical care and patient experience.

Médico Express will soon launch in the eastern zone, offering a wide range of services including emergency care, clinical laboratory, vaccinations, advanced imaging studies, and various specialized consultations spanning gynecology, pediatrics, psychology, cardiology, dermatology, and more.

Global Healthcare Accreditation, endorsed by the International Society for Quality (ISQua), focuses on improving clinical and administrative processes, prioritizing patient experience and medical care safety in medical tourism.