Lightning Storm has produced a song and video entitled, “Stronger” to motivate people to DON’T QUIT in life. The date September 10th  was chosen to promote “Stronger” to recognize World Suicide Prevention Day. The aim of World Suicide Prevention Day is to create awareness for people to avoid committing suicide. It involves public attention about the social stigma and suicidal behaviors.

This year’s theme is “Creating Hope Through Action.” The artist has taken the initiative by launching “Stronger” and has started a movement known as Lightning Storm Stronger Movement. The objective of the movement is to encourage people to strengthen their mindset through music.

“This current pandemic has caused depression, anxiety and a feeling of hopelessness causing people to take extreme measures. This can be brought on by losing friends and family, isolation, abuse, loss of income and lack of social gathering. Recognize the warning signs and know how to respond to it. Dutch Quarter, a special shout out to you.” Lightning Storm.

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