Two sides to a story: A response to Mary De Francesco !!!!



Dear Editor,

It was about 2-3 days after Hurricane Irma, when a lady with her young son (almost one year old) came to check on her recently built home in Stand Over Garden. The home had water damage, the entire zinc came off and some broken windows that can be considered as minor (compared to others).  At no time before the hurricane did she come to secure the place.

The neighbors around, particularly 2 families, rallied around this single mom with her young son helping to secure her home, her property on the French side, move to the apartment below her home, going to hardware stores, babysitting, sharing food and other supplies. From the get go this lady seemed to have certain interpersonal/social challenges; however, the families overlooked this and continued being good neighbors/citizens.

Now, to be fair initially, she was also nice to the neighbors especially their children. However, before the year (2017) was out, she did a complete 180° on the neighbors – she stopped speaking to them, responding to whatsapp messages, phone calls etc. At first, it was thought that she might be experiencing some stress in the aftermath of Irma, with her rental properties on the French Side affected, being a single mom, a foreigner (no family on the island) as well as drama with her child’s father. Though she mentioned the challenges with her child’s father, it became quite evident with the screams and shouts that could be heard coming from her home whenever the father visited, all in the presence of her son.

Over the past 2 years since she moved into the neighborhood, this lady, started instigating problems with some of the neighbors. In the peace and tranquility of the night, regular screams and shouts can be heard coming from her home. Some of the shouting was related to dogs barking from the home in the back of hers (not a part of Stand Over Garden), where she confronted the owner and slapped him which caused a natural act of retaliation from him.

There was also another incident where she spat on one of the contractors of the development (the one who built her home), the police came, but she didn’t respond to their beckoning. She continues to spur hurtful, derogatory and racial comments (niggers, trash etc) whilst using obscenities to the neighbors around her with her son in her arms. Some of the other things she has done include, showing her middle finger, swearing at the little children in the neighborhood and calling a young lady who is still in school a “slut”.

On this specific night, after she insulted the young lady and her parents tried confronting her about this, (angry and upset), she called the police and played victim. Two officers showed up, a local, black female and a white, Dutch man. She refused to speak to the black female officer, and she made it known to her (disrespectfully) which the officer, her partner, as well as other witnesses, can confirm. The night before was not enough, as the following morning she proceeded to tarnish the young lady’s father’s reputation on his job’s facebook page (evidence of this is also available).

The police have visited our community on several occasions all because of her, she tends to play victim, who uses her ethnicity and gender to her advantage. Based on her behavior, continuous racial slurs (towards black people), continuous negative write ups (in all the media houses) about St. Maarten, you would think that she would choose someone of similar ethnicity to hers or from her place of birth to be the Father of her child, but big surprise … the father of her child is a local, black man! By the way, the child’s father has not been seen visiting the child in months, if not a year. It is very concerning for the child, who is not seen outside playing, and there are even times where she can be heard screaming on the top of her lungs at her son.

While the community of Stand Over Garden, must deal with her, the one who really suffers is her child, to be in such a toxic environment daily. She has a pattern of provoking people and when they react, she plays the victim, hides in her “high tower” and call the police.

She is a coward who is looking for attention….she has an outburst almost monthly, when it seems she is bored and wants some attention. The Stand Over Garden community is not perfect, but it is peaceful and all neighbors get along except her. The police should have reports on these visits and will see that this lady clearly has a pattern and possibly a mental illness.

Maybe that’s the reason she does not want to return to Canada as she knows that her child will be taken and she will be placed in an institution. Still, even after all of this, when the main gate for our community was functional and remotes had to be purchased, it was ensured that she was notified.

On September 15th, 2019, a letter from said lady in question was published in the Daily Herald where she indicated that she received no help, only a bottle of water. She also implies that she experienced Irma in her new home in Stand Over Garden, which is a lie as she only came there after the storm. She also received supplies, as on one occasion, aid came in the neighborhood and she was not home; however, supplies were taken for her.

This lady also continues to bash Koozie Development and tarnish his name and reputation. Despite her terrible attitude towards the developer, he still came with his material to secure and patch up her roof with the intention to fix it after Hurricane Irma. She refused this and paid for her roof to be fixed by someone else.

Please note that of all the homes built by this developer, only part of 2 roofs (including hers) got damaged, all other homes weathered the hurricane well and with minor damages. Of course, when building a home, there are always challenges; however, there was none as it relates to Koozie’s business practice as everything was done through the banks and notary. In fact, the homes that were purchased through the bank, the developer only received money when the homes were completed, documents signed at the notary and keys given to owners.

In her most recent attempt, a letter by this lady was published in the Daily Herald and on 721News, on Saturday October 5th, 2019. She tried to attack the character of one of our residents (who happens to be a police officer) as well as to cast a false impression of the community. The resident/police officer in question has been nothing but nice, cordial and helpful. She helps to keep the neighborhood safe. The lady has continuously for months tried to belittle the resident/officer, her family and friends/visitors.

We have tried to keep the peace with this lady by ignoring her outbursts, her letters and her comments on various news websites. However, this last article, went a little too far, she messed with someone’s job and character with serious allegations. One must ask, if this was a serious concern of Mary, then she should have gone to the police station and file a report instead of doing it in such a public way. Clearly, the root of her action was filled with hate and maliciousness. She mentions that she paid for a gated community experience etc, yet she is the only one continuously causing problems. She has done nothing to enhance or improve the living experience in the community, she makes people uncomfortable and agitated.

Let’s not mention the emotional stress she has brought on the residents on her street. This article and Mary’s disrespectful ways have angered many in the community. Every homeowner, paid for a gated community experience and that is surely not the experience with her. The visitors of the officer have never parked in front of her gate or any other neighbor’s. She mentions that she has recordings etc.; however, please note that there are also recordings, numerous witnesses and screen shots of said lady carrying on with her “ghetto” and “ratchet” behavior, certainly unbecoming of the “gated community lifestyle” she is purporting.

If you really listen to the tone of her letter, just see how she looks down on people, especially of a certain class. Upon observation, there is nothing suspicious or worthy of any cause for alarm about the resident/officer in question.

At one point, sympathy and cause for concern was being conveyed for this lady, even after she stopped speaking to everyone. Prayers were being offered up for her as it was thought or believed that she must be going through a rough time. However, after numerous tries at a peaceful living with this lady, it can be concluded that: she has serious mental health issues; though sane enough to write articles and try to tarnish persons’ reputation. The only other conclusion is that she is filled with bitterness, hate and maliciousness.

It is also important to note that this lady used to live on the French Side (Anse Marcel French Cul de Sac) and based on information, she also had similar issues over there as well; however, in her usual style played victim. Could this be a coincidence, a trend, a pattern? She has a problem…a serious one …that I wish Court of Guardianship or Mental Health Foundation look into. Please, do us, your son, yourself and the island of St. Maarten a favor, sell your home and move back to Canada!

Leave our little island for us to continue integrating and building, we are all not born in St. Maarten; however, it is our home and we love it. It is people like you that contribute to the diminishing of communities, no real solution, just bitterness and maliciousness.

It is highly recommended that all developers do a background check on all potential homeowners because mental health is a real issue! Stand Over Garden, is a new community, and will rise from this.

Good people live in the community, and “one bad apple will not spoil the bunch”. This community will continue building on the foundation of peace, harmony, respect and unity.

A few concerned neighbors of Mary De Francesco