DP Leader Wescot-Williams:  If you tell a lie often enough, you start to believe it yourself.

MP Sarah A. Wescot-Williams


“I was forewarned, but the question still remains, “Why DP and me?”

When asked to explain her statement , MP Wescot mentioned the veiled threat she received  of,   “Are you sure you want to do this? It’s going to get nasty!” A clear reference to the DP’s announced return to the political field.

“We see this threat manifesting itself from many angles. Some of it for money, some for sensation and yet others from an angle of plain and self-consuming hatred.”

With respect to MP Brison latest  disgraceful assault on one of St. Maarten’s senior politicians and former Prime Minister, the DP stated: 

“This is the latest convoluted diatribe coming from a member of parliament to whom this NA-led government should be forever grateful,  a fact that the member of parliament makes sure he cashes in on big time.  So we hope everyone will understand, the vengeance with which the MP attacks anything and anybody who dares question HIS government.”

“MP Brison’s previous outbursts and  other futile attempts to pull us down with him, did not get him enough traction, so he is at it again. It is attention of course what the MP  in his  recent diatribe is fervently hoping for.” 

DP Leader Wescot: “People are divided on whether I should’ve responded to MP Brison and how. Truth be told, neither the messenger nor the message is in principle deserving of my response or my attention.”

A messenger who  by his own admission, is not always in control of his erratic behavior, MP Wescot stated as she sketched the following  interesting analysis.

For argument’s sake, let’s look at the government “signatures” over the past 20+ years.

2000-2009 DP stamp

2009-2010 NA stamp

2010-2012 UP stamp

2012-2013 NA stamp

2013-2014 UP stamp

2014-2015 UP stamp

2015-2017 NA stamp 

2017-2018 UP stamp

2018-2019 UD stamp

2019-         NA stamp

“Now compare that with how our island is faring and has been faring. Compare that with how St. Maarten people acted and are acting towards each other and ask yourself why”.

DP Leader Wescot: “Going against my own grain somewhat, I ask my colleague Brison: “If you believe your own story, what is your problem with Sarah A. Wescot-Williams or the DP for that matter? Why even waste your energy, when after all,  your bogus and orchestrated poll shows us getting 1 seat, doesn’t it? So why don’t you focus on who might be a challenge to you?”.

In essence, the question to you, Sir,  is: Why Sarah? The DP would like to know.

“And lest we forget,  this is coming  from someone, who confiscated a political party after playing the victim card with other political parties.  

In a twisted sense, even  that DP made   possible, by legislating political parties, the DP added.

Let’s put some perspective to the diatribe of MP Brison.

The Legacy allows the MP  to hold the position he holds. How he handle this position is of course not for DP’s account, as he -through whatever means- got elected, like every other single member of parliament.   

The MP is attempting to spin a narrative, and as with everything else, if you tell a lie often enough, you start to believe it yourself.

MP Wescot: More than 30 years in the political minefield of St. Maarten to be female,  sane and standing, knocks and bruises notwithstanding, is a feat. 

I was forewarned and with that warning, came the ‘gentle’ request, maybe, just maybe you don’t want or need this?

Is it because I am one of the few left standing who can see through the facades put on by the members of the longest-serving government?

How often was this government on the brink of collapse and what and who saved the day? 

How often did coalition members threaten the government to get their way and how often did ministers capitulate under this pressure? 

How come the MP selectively chose his topics, leaving other topics untouched?  All of this in the hope that St. Maarten has forgotten and will forgive?

Would we not have been eons further, had this government not have to reluctantly and fighting it all the way, return  -tail between legs- to the Dutch Trust Fund, a program negotiated by a DP-supported government?

Would we not have been eons further, had not the airport project been brutalized because of politics? Would we not be eons further, had the social partners and vital stakeholders not been excluded from vital discussions? Would we not be eons further, had not the government acted in a divide-and-rule manner?

How many of our people have not been and continue to be victimized under the watchful eye of the current administration? How many of our legit  organizations have not been sidelined by the same? How many cries of the public have not been left unanswered? 

After 32 years and still standing, you learn patience.

While I have a few law courses under the belt, I by no means pretend to know better than the judge himself what a verdict means. I can’t wait to see if the finance minister will follow the suggestion of his coalition leader and contest the Bearing Point judgement. Patience!

So when we wish to perpetuate the DP legacy spin, unfortunately we have to admit that that legacy has been grossly mismanaged by many of those who followed.

One thing no one can say about my country. That is that we do not forgive! And if you can play the victim card good enough, we will allow you to do it all over again.