Groundbreaking Arrowroot Road sewage line

Representative of D’MYRA General Maintenance & Construction, Representatives of the St. Maarten Community Collective South Reward, Minister of VROMI Christophe Emmanuel, Representatives of VROMI’s Department of Infrastructure Management. 


SOUTH REWARD – Minister of VROMI Christophe Emmanuel officially commenced the construction project for the Arrowroot Road sewage line in the area of South Reward.

The Arrowroot Road sewage connection project consists of 21 houses that will be connected to the main sewage line on LB Scott Road. New sewage lines and pits will be installed in Pear, Arrowroot, Carrot and Cucumber Roads.

Esli Construction won the tender for the Arrowroot Road sewage connection project. The work will consist of cutting the concrete pavement, digging trenches to install the new sewage lines and re-paving the road with concrete. The project is expected to be completed within 60 working days.

Subcontracted are D’MYRA General Maintenance and Construction and W.V. Eyes Survey N.V. Young individuals from within the community of South Reward are also being recruited for the project.

The St. Maarten Community Collective South Reward was present for the groundbreaking, along with support staff of the Minister’s cabinet, representatives of VROMI’s Department of Infrastructure Management and various persons from the neighborhood. The Community Collective of South Reward applauds this much-needed project of the Ministry of VROMI, as sewage is an ongoing issue in South Reward.

There will be traffic interruptions during the Arrowroot Road sewage line project. Minister Emmanuel apologized for the inconvenience. As the project continues the general public will be informed on its progress.