Killer of Wendy Montulet murdered in prison cell


Source: The Daily Herald

GUADELOUPE — The presumed killer of Wendy Montulet who was found dead in his prison cell in Baie –Mahault, Guadeloupe on Friday morning showed signs of having been suffocated, France-Antilles newspaper reported.

The 22-year-old accused man was transferred to Guadeloupe on Thursday after admitting while in custody to the murder of the 21-year-old Belgian tourist on Saturday July 9 when she never returned from a morning run.  He was due to be charged with voluntary manslaughter.According to the report he was found dead on his mattress on the ground at 7:00am. He had been placed in the cell with seven other detainees. The Pointe- a-Pitre Prosecutor Xavier Bonhomme indicated bruising marks around the mouth pointed to suffocation.

An investigation into voluntary homicide has been opened. An autopsy of the body will be carried out on Monday.