Suspended sentences in Hercules case 



The Court of Curaçao today rendered judgment in the Hercules criminal case.  

This criminal case concerns the former president-director of the Central Bank of Curaçao and Sint  Maarten, E.D. T., and a former vice president, R.R. L.  

The Public Prosecutor charged the defendants with official bribery, money laundering and falsification of  documents. During the proceedings on the criminal case, the prosecution demanded unconditional prison  sentences of 3 years and 2.5 years, respectively, as well as dismissal of office and a professional ban.  

In their respective capacities, both defendants held exemplary positions in society, which meant that high  standards of integrity could be demanded of their actions. Society must be able to have full confidence in  the integrity of senior officials in public administration. The accused have violated this trust.  

The Court considers it legally and convincingly proven that both suspects are guilty of falsification of  documents. In connection with this, they were sentenced to prison terms.

E.D. T. was sentenced to a  suspended prison sentence of six months and R.R. L. to a suspended prison sentence of eight months. The  probation period for both suspended sentences is two years. Defendants were acquitted of the other  charges. 

The Public Prosecutor’s Office will study the verdict before deciding on whether to appeal.