Former Police Chief Gerard Bouman to be interrogated in 2 weeks


NETHERLANDS – Former Police Chief Gerard Bouman will be heard by an integrity committee of the police over his role in the bad spending of cash ‘geldsmijtrel’ around the (Centrale Ondernemingsraad (COR) Central Works Council (CWC).

The scandal is likely to become larger as he will be investigated for fraud. This report came from well informed sources from De Telegraaf within the National Police.

Bouman will be heard within two weeks by a team from the Safety Department, Integrity and Complaints (VIK), which will examine his bad spending. He will also be questioned on his role in the misuse of funds by the board.

The Executive Board of the COR spent about €2 million between early January 2015, and April 2016. Money was spent on outside experts, expensive parties and dinners.

Former Police Chief Bouman saw that the budgets had been exceeded by several €100,000, but did not intervene or investigate how the funds were spent. He is thought to have been part of this misuse of funds.

Even after COR President Giltay was arrested for an assault, he could still remain at his post.

Source Telegraaf