Bankruptcy of United Caribbean Airlines B.V. and JetAir Caribbean B.V.



Mr. R.J. Vriezen

On June 18th, 2024, the Court of First Instance of Curaçao declared the bankruptcy of United Caribbean Airlines B.V. and JetAir Caribbean B.V., operating jointly under the name “JetAir”, at their own request. The court has appointed Mr. C.M. van Liere and Mr. R.J. Vriezen as trustees.

In consultation with the board, the trustees have decided to cease all current flight operation. This means that all flights are canceled, and JetAir’s aircraft will remain grounded as of June 18th.


Mr. C.M. van Liere / photo hbnlaw

If you have any questions about the bankruptcy of United Caribbean Airlines B.V. and/or JetAir Caribbean B.V., please contact:

We aim to respond to your inquiry within five (5) business days.

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ):
My flight is canceled, but I have paid. Can I get my money back?

First and foremost, we understand that the cancellation of your flight is extremely inconvenient. The rights you have as a consumer/creditor in this situation are established in the Curaçao Bankruptcy Law.

As a result of JetAir’s bankruptcy, all debts are ‘frozen’, and no refunds can be made at this time. You can submit your claim for verification to the trustees by sending an email to Please include your ticket number, the date of payment, and the amount paid for your ticket. The trustees will record your claim, and you will be automatically kept informed about the further settlement of the bankruptcy.

I have booked a flight; can my flight still be rebooked?

From the date of bankruptcy, June 18, 2024, your flight cannot be rebooked. Unfortunately, this also applies to rebooking with another airline. You should submit your claim for verification to the trustees in the manner mentioned above.

I am a stranded passenger, and I am unable to book a return flight. How can I be helped? 

We are currently surveying which passengers are stranded at which locations. We are investigating whether and to what extent we can help these passengers to get back home. If you are a stranded passenger who made a recent flight out with Jetair, and you are not able to rebook a flight yourself, please contact HBN Law & Tax (Curacao office) on weekdays from 08.00 AM – 5 PM and they will assist you further.

Tel: + 599 9 434 33 34

Please note that this telephone number is only to be used for stranded passengers. Questions about claims and other topics should be send by e-mail to

I am a supplier with a retention of title, what does this mean for me?

If you have supplied goods to JetAir under retention of title, or if the trustees hold goods for any other reason that belong to you, you must notify the trustees as soon as possible by sending an email to

I have a contract with one of the bankrupt companies; what does this mean for me?

Bankruptcy does not affect ongoing contracts unless the contract explicitly states otherwise. Please contact the trustees at

What is the role of the trustees?

In this initial phase of the bankruptcy, the trustees will conduct an investigation into the company’s assets and explore the possibilities for a potential restart of Jetair and focus on informing employees, passengers, and other creditors and stakeholders. Additionally, they will explore the possibilities of a restart. The trustees are under the supervision of a supervisory judge from the Court of First Instance of Curaçao.

How long does it take to settle the bankruptcies?

There is no general timeframe for the duration of a bankruptcy. This depends partly on the outcomes of investigations into the causes and legality. If, for example, legal proceedings need to be conducted, the settlement of a bankruptcy is a lengthy procedure. The trustees will report on the progress of the settlement in their quarterly public reports.

Willemstad, Curaçao,
June 18, 2024

The trustees,
Mr. C.M. van Liere and Mr. R.J. Vriezen