Iraqi Dinar Investment Investigation by Federal Bureau of Investigation


ANGUILLA — It has been brought to the attention of the Royal Anguilla Police Force Financial Investigation Unit (FIU), that the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation is conducting investigations into a company known as STERLING CURRENCY GROUP for the selling of Iraqi Dinars using false profit promise.

The FIU is aware that a number of persons on Anguilla have invested funds through the same scheme whether directly or via an intermediary.

In this regard, the FIU is encouraging such investors to contact the US Federal Bureau of Investigation via this special website link or this hotline: 877-236-8947.

This is to assist with the on-going investigation of STERLING CURRENCY GROUP and to also assist with the possible recovery of part or the whole of any investment.

Investors may also contact the FIU at 1-264-497-2333 for assistance.