the SXM Tax Payers’ Alternative Seminar: Combat Tax Attack 2016


CIARA-SXM represents a new concept by St. Maarten locals striving for professional independence. After intensive training in hands on implementation of Tax Solutions and Tax legislation scanning, the associated members are launching a new campaign to trigger awareness in the St. Maarten business community with focus on the medium and small companies.

Our island is in a complete structure transition, however in all transitions funds are needed by Government which unfortunately fall back on the community with all force. The community is not informed on taxation reforms and or taxation guidelines, or future collection strategies, which are derived from our Tax Legislation without formal accessibility to the taxpayers’ community.

St. Maarten is adapting
  progressively an  European Dutch Taxation approach and the business community has not been trained or informed until the last moment of new reforms that implicates retro-active actions by the tax payer creating unexpected inconveniences.

 Impact of 2014 Tax office shortcomings

In the year 2014, the CFT (Dutch Instruction Committee) detected that there is more than 40% of tax payment non compliance. The General Audit Chamber also made clear that the Tax Office was far from meeting Tax collection expectations as approved in Parliament. This situation triggers a new demand by the CFT to collect taxes harshly, with no consideration.

In order to avoid and combat misuse of force by the tax office, has taken the initiative to prepare the SXM taxpayer and consultants for the envisioned taxation actions by means of a Seminar carefully designed for you as a conscious tax payer to get the necessary comprehension of the role of the accountant, and appeals management to combat unjustified or questionable taxation practices.

Refunds are not in sight in 2016

Considering the conditions expected in 2016, it is likely that refunds will be an obsolete action in St. Maarten. The Tax office must address all refunds but will not comply with their duty due to their tax revenues collection bottleneck. The Tax Authorities must replenish the tax revenues of 2014, 2015 and meet the 2016 tax revenues expectation under supervision of the CFT and the General Audit Chamber. Unfortunately these actions will have a harsh impact in the business community and citizens, especially on those that do not possess the necessary tools to support their Accountant in their defense.

Evolution of the Tax Collection Strategies
Entering the 10-10-10 era, the Tax Office and all its Departments is determined to make their tax assessments procedures and collection strategies using European standards. The Dutch Tax Inspectors are in Sint Maarten, in the key positions and there is no reason why a European strategic model for taxation and collection will not be implemented.

In addition the Tax Audit Department is using a new taxation method based upon shortcomings of the Tax payer in his internal business management to secure taxation, a science many consultants are not versed in, making it a very fruitful arena for taxation, by using the tax illiteracy as a weapon against the business community of Sint Maarten.

Combat Tax Attack Seminar
In view of Tax office collections, possible Tax legislation violations, and Grey areas within the same Ordinances weathered, it is the responsibility and duty of CIARA-SXM to organize a Tax Seminar for the SXM taxpayers with the objective to improve the synergy and relationship between the taxpayers and the business consultant as partners to mitigate fiscal overexposure.

The associates of prepared a detailed seminar based upon the demand, requirements, and necessities of the small and intermediate businessman and hope the commercial community will make use of this unique opportunity.

Seminar Topics Contents
-Understanding the Tax Body Structure
-Understanding the role of the Accountant and his responsibilities
-Accountancy practices condemned by the Tax Office
-Accepted Fiscal Allowances
-Vulnerabilities in Payroll Tax environment
-Tax Audit Triggers

-Tax Audit Information Impact prevention (Summarized)
-Tax Assessment Management
-Using the Tax Office Inefficiency
-Tax Payer Compensation Rights (Legislation reference)
-Grey Areas in the Tax Legislation
-Appeal management explanation (Second phase)
-Tax Office violations during Audits
-Contract development to mitigate Taxation impact
-Open discussion on questions (1 hour)

Date Seminar: October 31 and November 1, 2015.
Hours: Saturday from 8.30 to 12.30 from 1.30- 5.30 pm
Place: To be announced
Sunday from: 2.30 pm to 6.30 pm and
thereafter certification ceremony with snacks at 7.00 pm
Language: English
Maximum participants: 12
Price includes: Tuition material, Lunch, and 2 weeks online Tax support (Advice)
Registrations: As of Monday October 19 up to October 28 (deadline)

Contact number: via