Primary School Grade Four students graduates DARE Program


ANGUILLA — Last week the grade four students of the six Primary Schools in Anguilla graduated from the DARE program conducted by officers of the Royal Anguilla Police Force, Community Relations Department.

The Program which is presented by officers Shawn Lake, Augustina Carbon and Kerry Sylvester is executed over a five week period during the first term in the new school year focusing on Good and Bad Medicines as well as Anger Management.

During the presentations the students were exposed to the effects of drugs on the body, how to say no to drugs and the four steps for reducing anger.

COP Morrison-001

On Friday 16th October 2015 students at the Valley Primary School had their certificates presented to them by Commissioner of Police Mr. Paul Morrison, who accompanied the officers to the school.  Commissioner Morrison also took the opportunity to speak to the graduating classes as well as answer some of their many burning questions.

“I think engaging the young people at school is the right way to go in ensuring that they receive lessons alerting them to the danger of drugs and alcohol,” said Commissioner Morrison.  “Life is about choices and the DARE program gives them a model helping them to make really good choices in difficult circumstances.”

“The DARE program gives an opportunity for them to learn skills they could use to avoid situations which may have the ability to impact their young lives and their future,” the Commissioner continued, “Whilst promoting the youth of Anguilla in achieving their true potential as they are the future of Anguilla.”

A total of 208 students graduated from the program this year.

COP Morrison-001