BVI: Terry Smith shot in Road Town



UPDATE: Group of masked men shot Smith?

More details have reached BVI News Online, indicating that a group of men in black clothing and masks may have been responsible for the wounding of Butu Mountain resident Terry Smith shortly after 8pm last evening (April 23) in Road Town, Tortola.

The victim, who shot while being pursued through the streets, is still at Peebles Hospital although his wounds are reportedly not considered to be life-threatening.

It is understood that a second man, who got caught in the running gunfire while doing business near Riteway supermarket on Flemming Street, also suffered a minor injury. It may have resulted from bullet fragments.

In the meantime, reports to BVI News Online are that Smith had just left a bike rental facility in Road Town. He was on his scooter, and was heading in the direction of Riteway supermarket on Flemming Street.

He eventually rode into a group of men beside a motor vehicle, reportedly wearing black clothing and masks.

The group allegedly opened fire on Smith, who managed to speed away toward Riteway supermarket.

The gunmen went in pursuit while reportedly continuing to discharge their weapons.

As was reported by BVI News Online last evening, Smith managed to park his scooter outside the supermarket, before he dashed inside the building.

Riteway staff reportedly locked the door of the establishment, preventing the gunmen from entering.

The law enforcers, who were later contacted, visited the supermarket, and Smith was taken to Peebles Hospital in an ambulance.

A relatively small group of persons – including two government ministers – later turned up at the medical facility to visit the victim.

When BVI News Online went to the RiteWay area after the incident, police officers had used their vehicles to block Flemming Street.

The street was virtually deserted, but a bystander reported hearing several gunshots.

“It is a miracle that the man (Smith) on the scooter survive,” another resident later told BVI News Online. He added, “Imagine that happening in the middle town; anybody could be travelling and get shot. Actually, it seemed like another person got shot.”

Meanwhile, the gun incident last evening is the first reported since last month when local lawmakers passed amendments to the Firearm and Air Guns Act to facilitate harsher penalties for gun offences.

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BREAKING NEWS: First story !!

A man was shot and wounded this evening (April 23) near Riteway supermarket on Flemming Street in Road Town, BVI News Online has confirmed.

He has been identified as Terry Smith.

He was taken to Peebles Hospital where he, up to publication time, was undergoing treatment.

The wound, which reportedly is not considered life-threatening, is said to be in one of the shoulders.

A small group of people – including two government ministers – is at Peebles Hospital checking up on the wounded man.

Persons in the area where the incident transpired told BVI News Online that, few hours after sunset, Smith was near Riteway supermarket when he was attacked.

In an attempt to escape, he reportedly dashed into the business establishment.

Persons inside the building locked the door and prevented the gunman from entering, it is further alleged.

This is the first gun incident reaching media attention since last month when local lawmakers passed amendments to the Firearm and Air Guns Act to facilitate harsher penalties for gun offences.

BVI News Online will have more on this developing story.