Former police officer  of KPSM lost his life in Curacao

Former KPSM police officer N.C.P Van Thijs


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten (KPSM) — The Police Force of St. Maarten KPSM received the very sad news today, March 19, 2023, that a former police officer of St. Maarten has lost his life after a shooting incident in Curacao.

According to the information from the Police Force of Curacao KPC, the former colleague’s car was blocked on one of the roads and he was shot at and subsequently lost his life.

The young officer tendered his resignation from KPSM a few months ago and moved back to Curacao.

KPSM is monitoring the ongoing investigation in Curacao.

The management team of KPSM expressed condolences to the former police officer’s family, friends and fellow colleagues of KPSM on his passing.