NV GEBE Reflects on the 2022 Cyber-Attack with Renewed Commitment to Security and Resilience



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — One year ago today, NV GEBE, its customers, and the entire St. Maarten community faced a devastating ransomware cyber-attack. As we solemnly mark this day, we acknowledge the progress made, as well as, the support and patience of our customers. Our progress is based on a strategic focus and unwavering dedication to solutions.

However, the attack’s severity was initially underestimated and the impact has been revealed through comprehensive analyses conducted by NV GEBE over the past six months. These assessments uncovered the extensive and far-reaching damages caused due to the incident.

NV GEBE has been steadily rebuilding its customer databases and billing systems. This comprehensive revamp is being systematically implemented to ensure the quality and accuracy of the data. These processes have required more time than initially anticipated because of the complexity and intricate attention to detail required.

We have enhanced our efforts to ensure the security and resilience of our systems. As a company, we remain steadfast in restoring all aspects of NV GEBE’s meter-to-cash systems and processes. Our dedicated staff continue to diligently work on analyses, customer audits, and data improvements.  

NV GEBE’s top priority is to recover customer data and resolve billing issues fully. We recognize that some customers have experienced temporary billing challenges. NV GEBE appreciates your continued support and patience. We are persistently working on the restoration process, and more clients are invoiced daily. The company’s dedicated team members are prepared to assist with billing concerns to the best of their ability. Many have gone above and beyond duty to address customer concerns.

We sincerely appreciate those customers who have made regular payments. It remains vital for all customers to take responsibility for their electricity and water consumption and fulfill their payment obligations. Payments on outstanding customer balances are due. Customers not fulfilling their regular payment obligations will eventually experience service interruptions. 

Prompt payments on customer accounts contribute to the sustainable operations of St. Maarten’s only utility company. Timely customer payments benefit everyone in the community who rely on the electricity and water supply. With ongoing customer support, NV GEBE will continue powering St. Maarten efficiently and effectively.

For further information, please contact GEBE’s Main Office in Philipsburg, Branch Office in Simpson Bay, the N.V. GEBE Customer Care Department via the help desk at: (721) 546-1100/ 546-1160, e-mail: customercare@nvgebe.com, WhatsApp: +1721-588-3117.