St. Maarten, Open your eyes!



I have been followed by many on social media and have spoken to a number of persons. The people of St. Maarten are really showing their frustration with what their Government – who claim they are for the people – is doing against them.

Let me give one example in the Kingdom, since this Government is always taking examples from the region.

In Holland, the Cabinet Rutte made a huge mistake 2 years ago. They had the “kinder toelage” affair. The whole cabinet resigned, and a new election was called.  Suddenly, the new Government was assembled again with Mark Rutte as Minister President. Moral of this story is, despite Rutte coming back as Minister President, they accepted that they were wrong. They paid the victims. They apologized to the victims. The ministers did the honorable thing and they resigned. 

Now let us go back to St. Maarten. Let’s put in perspective of this Government and their arrogance how they govern this sweet island.

Prime Minister: This honorable lady has no control of this Government. It is sad to see and read how one man can hold this Government hostage. And here we are talking about the Member of Parliament that wheeled and dealed how he wants and against whom he wants. No integrity whatsoever for his fellow Members of Parliament. He is unstoppable when it comes to wrong doings. And as a person with a high political function, he doesn’t have any regard for his actions.

Minister of Justice: Justice on this island is a mess. No wonder there cannot be any investigation regarding wrongdoing of sitting political figures. The way the justice system is dealt with is very biased. Depending on who you are, or which politician called the Minister of Justice, and complained about you, justice will be wrongfully applied to you.  I could mention several examples, but we will not finish.

A prison situation, which up to now cannot be resolved. Prison guards are overworked and underpaid.

Federal detectives: They are just here wasting the taxpayer’s money. So many prominent position crimes are made public and yet no instruction to start investigating these matters. But let it be an alleged crime, you will see how fast they jump into action without doing a proper investigation.

St. Maarten Police Force: This is THE important stakeholder in combating crime here on St. Maarten. Corruption at its best from the top and then pointing and accusing the ones on the floor. Favoritism and friendship are top of the order inside that Force. There are good men and women working hard every day, but they are the victims. Putting an outsider in a trustworthy position, who doesn’t know the culture, and the people, is a common thing. There is no vision. It is like a day-to-day operation in a dilapidated building with rats and bird feces all over that place, which can be a health hazard. There is mold inside that building. It is a toxic environment. No accountability.  The justice system on this island has collapsed.

Immigration: That is a civil war going on inside there. No vision. No mission. It is as S.O.S. Save Our Soul.

Minister of VSA/TEATT: This is a one-man show. No respect for authorities. He is a gangster-type Minister with no manners when addressing reporters or persons. He believes he is Almighty. During the short carnival period this year, this Minister was always in the media. This Minister was seen drunk in the Village every night. This Minister had a heavy and serious encounter with the members of the police force, which left numerous officers disappointed in how their superiors handled this case. The Minister pulled out his gun and threatened the officer(s) who were doing their job. The attitude of this Minister was shoved under the carpet by the Police Force.

How is it possible that a brother of a Minister, who had been sentenced for a manslaughter/murder case was not present at his hearing? The next day this brother vanished from St. Maarten. Where is our Justice system? How does this Minister feel that he can fulfill a trustworthy position with doubtful integrity?

Minister of VROMI: This one is arrogant and conceited. Believe that he knows everything and does not take advice from anyone.  Because of him, our national asset is now in limbo. GEBE has been hacked. Prosecutor’s Office did not receive cooperation to do a proper investigation. Why? Is there something internal to hide? Who is the IT man on that board? How come the Acting Manager is sick since the hacking?

Minister of Education: This one does not have any clue why he is in office. We can see that not even our children are safe under his tenor. Information about crimes against our children is exposed and this man is in denial just not to take action. By doing this, he becomes an accessory to the crime. Knowing about it and not doing nothing makes you an accessory.

So that small recap of things that this Government did and is still doing is reason enough that an advice to them is to – of their own will – resign and see if the people will feel sorry for you all and elect some of you for the next election.

Open your eyes St. Maarten. Airport gone. TelEm is going. No update recently, but it seems that it is also becoming an issue. GEBE is going.  All our assets have been destroyed within 2 years by this Government. Do the Math!

Suzy Down the Road