The straw that broke the camel’s back.


I knew it was coming, I even warned that the people would only rise up by their next pay slip, but somewhere, somehow I had hoped it wouldn’t be true. Much to my dismay the proof is in the pudding. The numbers don’t lie. My personal health insurance costs have gone up 2.7x compared to last month!

This law is draconian, unfair, and completely unhinged with reality! Not just for myself but also for my employer. If we total the costs we are talking about 978.85 * 12 = ANG 11.746,20 or $6.525,67 PER YEAR to insure a young generally healthy professional. That is unacceptable from nearly all perceivable angles, truly.

How much does this government want to take from THE SAME PEOPLE time and time again?! Always resorting to the measure that will hit us in the pocket at the flick of a pen, but slowwww to do anything with regards to accountability, with increasing efficiency, with reducing costs, with tackling the problems at the root of the source!

We the tax paying citizens of this nation have sacrificed with the COHO measures, taken hits with increased costs of basically everything, and are constantly bombarded with one scandal after the other, so much so that we can’t even begin to focus on one or get the answers we deserve! Enough is enough. This is the price we pay for electing short term thinkers who only have their and their people’s own interests at heart.

No vision, no long term plan, no viability assessments, and rampant inefficiencies have brought us to where we are now. If it was up to me elections should be held sooner than later. It’s time for change! But whether it’s sooner or later, I implore every hard working, tax paying St. Maartener, please, please, please do not forget who put us in this mess and what they did to “fix it”!

David Salomon