Rollocks ​Jr. ​proposes GEBE to implement PREPAID ELECTRICITY/WATER billing? 

Julian Rollocks Jr
Phillipsburg, Sint Maarten – Concerned businessman Julian Rollocks Jr. is urging the members of parliament to question GEBE Management in today’s (24/08/2022) meeting of Parliament. “why Sint Maarten ​has not implement​ed prepaid electricity? Similar opportunities ​are possible on our sister islands of Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire.
Aruba’s prepaid billing is called ‘prepaid meter‘. In Curacao its called Pagatinu (​pay attention)​​ while in Bonaire it’s called Pagabon.
“Prior to the start of the current issues that GEBE have been encountering clients of GEBE have a lot of questions surrounding the electricity bills and water bills,” Rollocks Jr. stated.
He went on to explain, “now the people and businesses are feeling as if they being ​cheated and it is a huge concern.”​
“By implementing prepaid electricity and water billing will limit some of the current challenges along with making GEBE clients budget conscience,” he said.
“I believe this will definitely change people’s lives because many persons can control or monitor his/her electricity on the meter within their home. Another benefit is ​that constant monitoring brings awareness of the electricity ​and water consumption which in return, will lead to adjustment of consumption against your budget,” Rollocks Jr. concluded.