Healthy Lifestyle Facebook Platform launched



SABA — The Public Health and Sports Department of the Public Entity Saba recently launched the Healthy Lifestyle Saba Facebook platform. Healthy Lifestyle Saba is an official informative and educational Facebook page that the entire Saba community can use as a trusted and integral source of information on living a healthy lifestyle. The idea is that an educated and informed community will be better equipped to make healthier lifestyle choices.

Commissioner of Public Health Rolando Wilson said he was content with the launching of this Facebook platform. “It is very important to have a healthy lifestyle, and this platform will help to motivate and inspire people to make daily, small and achievable changes that will positively influence their life long-term,” said Wilson, who thanked Junior Health Promoter Allan Carolina for this initiative.

The goal of this platform is to inform and educate the community on the important pillars of a healthy life and how they can incorporate simple, but effective lifestyle habits to improve their overall health and wellness.

Posts that will be covered on the Facebook page will include: healthy nutrition, effective exercise, countering substance abuse, improving sexual health, general healthy lifestyle tips and official health promotion projects of Saba’s Public Health Department, such as the Saba Health Ambassadors program. The platform will have daily posts 7 days a week in the morning hours.

The information for these posts will come from official and international health organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), the Pan-American Health Organization (PAHO), the European Register for Exercise Professionals and other accredited organizations for health and wellness.