NV GEBE reacts on a video that’s been circulating on social media



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Management of NV GEBE, in a press release, stated that it has taken notice of the videos circulating on social media of incidents at its Production Plant. Mr. Mauricio Dembrook, temporary manager of the utility company, stated that the videos show the unruly behavior of one particular employee within the company. Mr. Dembrook considers this matter an internal matter and will not go into any discussions on the possible reasons for the behavior of the employee.

The release further stated that these videos shed a negative light on the company and by extension the employees. Mr. Dembrook, however, informed that these videos do not represent the quality of the employees of NV GEBE. He added that the company employs many great persons, both on permanent contracts and via a contracting company, who take their service to NV GEBE and the community seriously and are respectful and appreciative.

Mr. Dembrook also stated that employees would never deliberately interrupt electricity service to the community as suggested on another media site and hereby disputes all statements of a potential electricity shutdown. He strongly suggests for persons to take third party information with a grain of salt and to trust only information disseminated on the company’s Facebook account, public notices and press releases.

The temporary manager also denounces any claim that the fire extinguishers had been empty at the time of the fire outbreak at the plant. He stated that the fire extinguishers had been in full working condition which can be seen by the visible white foam at the end of the hose after it had already been emptied.