Procedure related to stolen or lost documents


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — There is a fundamental difference in the handling of stolen documents and lost documents by the Police Force of Sint Maarten (KPSM). Below is the explanation.

Stolen Documents
For all stolen official documents such as an ID card /Driver’s Licence / Passport / Proof of Admittance or other documents, an official complaint of theft must be filed by the concerned party with the Detective Department of the Police Force of Sint Maarten KPSM. This applies to residents and non-residents of Sint Maarten.

If an document is reported stolen, the following steps are followed:
1) A statement will be taken by a police officer at the police station front desk or at the relevant unit of the Detective Department.
2) A copy of the report of the stolen documents is issued to the one filing the report. This report can be submitted to the relevant authority to request new documents to replace the stolen ones.

Lost Documents
In case of lost official documents (ID card / Driving License / Passport / Proof of Admittance and other documents), an official “Notice of loss” or KVV must be filed by the concerned party with KPSM. There is a change to this procedure.

Below is an overview of the documents and where assistance must be sought.
1) Lost ID Card / Passport of residents of Sint Maarten: Civil Registry Department (commonly called census department).
2) All other lost documents from residents and non-residents of Sint Maarten: An official “Notice of loss” must be made at KPSM.

If an official report of lost document is required, the following steps should be taken:
1) The KPSM secretariat is responsible for the “Notice of loss” procedure and handles all applications from the moment a report is filed until the handing over of this document KVV to notifier.

2) Residents may visit the KPSM Secretariat Monday to Friday from 8:00am to 12:00pm and from 2:00pm to 4:00pm.

3) Reports must be requested in person. If a third party files for the report on behalf of the requester, an authorization letter, together with copy of a valid ID must be submitted when the report is filed.

4) The secretariat digitally processes the reports directly into the KPSM’s databank administration.

5) An official proof of identity must be handed over. The appendices are scanned into the databank and linked to the form for the official “Notice of loss” report.

6) This form with attachments is sent digitally to the Head of Basic Police Service BPZ for approval’ this takes a maximum of three (3) business days. In the absence of the department head, the Chief of Police will approve this document.

7) You can then collect the official printed letter “Notice of Loss” from the secretariat within three (3) business days in order to request for your new documents.