Stop the suppression and covid manipulation which are internationally, and on kingdom and on country level illegal by the way!!!!! 

Mrs. Pamela Gordon-Carty


Here is some practical advice that doesn’t require the raising of all sorts of taxes.

It’s with great dismay many of us in the community are sitting quietly and looking at how many illegalities are happening in the colonized countries including St Maarten. While you want to turn your back and move on, you get the urge to share some concerns and highlight some weaknesses with the intention to refocus the attention where it is supposed to be. Seven topics that caught my attention

  1. the non-stop constant abuse of employees on country SXM in many manipulative hidden forms 
  2. the victimization of small business in many ways
  3. the accommodating of wrong doings of other selective companies
  4. carte blanche that is being handed out to selective groups that abuse the employees to the point that employees have become afraid to talk due to fear to losing more than they already have.
  5. The tactical ways of suppressing natural remedies which is not justified and getting out of control
  6. QR codes doesn’t guarantee or decrease covid transmission so of no use to reinforce it
  7. Introduction of different self-introduced “vaccines rules” to once more abuse the system


Democracy means freedom to decide as an individual of that country whether or not you are in agreement in taking or not taking something that goes into your body. Trying to come together as business people to impose self-formulated “vaccine protective” rules in the so call name of protecting the vaccinated group is simply a farce, a manipulative tool, a breach to human freedom and a breach to human rights which makes it all simply “illegal” (There are numerous articles that I’ve mentioned in previous articles already).

We need to pass laws to protect the people not to segregate people and cause a bigger division in the community of have’s and have’s not. Don’t pass policies to accommodate wrongdoing, that makes you an accomplice. Natural remedies will work for the majority while for others they will choose to follow the usage of prescribed medication. For both groups the outcome can be either positive or negative depending on many factors at time; like dosage, usage method, underlying conditions and much more. To reach to the extent of using tactics hiding behind statements as,” doing it for the betterment and safety of the country” is manipulative and wrong especially if by doing this you are negatively impacting people financial situation, health or their livelihood.

Just how nothing is done to minimize prostitution and gambling and expect others to accept it as something that can’t be eradicated because it has been there for “centuries”; for it being the oldest profession in the world”, I’m convinced that herbs are 1. part of the culture,2. they are God made, 3. have proven to have worked /healed for centuries since the beginning of time 4. Can never run out of stock and should be embraced just how it is expected that “we the people” should learn to live being surrounded by whore houses and not farm lands that can actually contribute to the overall financial, social, economic well-being of all individuals in the country. Herbs where there before the people so they have more rights of existence and in occupying their rightful place in the community on planet earth. Yes, we need doctors but we need herbalists as well.

Question to our medical experts:

I would like to hear the medical expert’s advice on the wearing of the mask regularly that can cause blood deficiency; which is not good especially for our children and the working class that again is the one carrying the economy, while working long hours with this mask on. What is the medical expert’s opinion and how do we make sure that we are not cultivating a weaker society which will be more prone to getting ill in the future? Like me it has many that read up on developments and this was stated by respectful international doctors. There is enough controversy backed up by medical experts on both ends why people should or why they shouldn’t. Conclusion is then there’s reason enough to respect everyone’s choice and move on to things of more importance that can positively change people lives. 

Employers abusing the system again:

It can never be that employment contracts will be tie down to whether vaccinated or not. That’s breach of human rights and is categorized as discrimination. Furthermore, the introduction of QR code is not meant to be of an effective solution to the covid spread, decrease as it can NOT heal the sickness itself. It’s another hidden agenda with a nice twist put to it. It only differentiates vaccinated from non-vaccinated as vaccinated ones can still transmit the sickness. The QR code will be used as yet another tool to abuse the system and put the majority that is against the vaccine, to be excluded out of daily necessary life activities. Exclusion out of supermarkets and other buildings will soon lead up to exclusion out of school system, recreation centers, creating a bigger gap in social deterioration, increase in stress level, suicidal thoughts, increase in child sexual abuse to justify the means of financial-sustainability. Creating visible difference of who may or may not eat, recreate and grow as an individual. This is not going in the good direction people!! Strategy used to make a rebellious country docile in order to dominate their will power and be more submissive and tolerate even the intolerable as can already be seen. You want to break a country, break its morale and the financial /educational growth potential of the next generation! This has to stop as it is already getting out of hand.

Laws are there to be followed or to be amended to the betterment and protection of the people of your country:

Nowhere in the existing labour law it’s stated that short term or long-term contract employees should be subjected to whether they or their family can eat because of being vaccinated or not. Why is the government accommodating the employers which has proven to not respect the laws of the land and is bluntly showing that they are even above the law strangely enough it seems like the complaint’s buildings are there but to genuinely get assistance without having to pay a high price has become the norm. Shame on all of you that are sitting quiet and just going along. Has the country gone to be a banana republic heading towards modern working slavery? A Sodom and Gomorra, the land where wrong is considered good and good, evil? What it is that we as a country is doing to guarantee a better life for the future generation to come, which is ALL of our children. Are we going to be proud that they besides of not owning their land, they will be just unheard voices screaming on social media with no result? Is this generation going to sit and be proud that 1) what they left behind beside a destroyed salt pond,2) a hillside policy that willfully limit people growth in the country, that the next generation will only be given the opportunity to choose to either be a willfully suppressed /abused individual in all fashion and forms or choose to be subjected into modern slavery with slave wages that goes back out of their hand by paying sky high groceries, school fees, rents, mortgages etc? I don’t know which one is worst. The direction things are going, it seems that those will be their only choices. What a waste of precious time to really make a change. I admire those that are trying to do something positive but cohesiveness is lacking. The future of the next generation has to be rewritten. Government, Union leaders and the masses everyone have their role to play, start moving in the same direction whiles staying in your lane. Respect one another! 


The focus should be:

  1. to reinforce price control in supermarkets 
  2. Inspectors should be given full authorization to control businesses that have employees working under stress-full conditions and are not registered at szv (rotate between inspectors of the island to guarantee this happens objectively)
  3. Basic necessities like, flour, rice, peas, bread, cornmeal and milk have to be put at a standard price to help alleviate those families that cant afford the price gauging but still have their family to feed(children that has to go to school)
  4. Leave sugar out of this context as it stimulates cancer cells and obesity that is disadvantageous for the individual and the overall health burden for the country
  5. Since the minimum wage is not increasing, create room for more self-produce in backyard production and room for the people to sell their produce in bulk to the supermarket (pass policies) to protect the local market where mangos, soursops, bananas, plantains, papayas, okhras etc has to be imported less and bought more from the locals. This will stimulate the people to wanting to be part of this. Start with some specific fruits that we know grows easily here giving people the opportunity to make money.
  6. Fruit trees parks in the different districts and have a government security guard placed there to avoid people vandalizing the garden. Use the garden as e reminder that gardening/farming is part of our culture, let the children bee surrounded by this instead of seeing whore houses, lottery boots and casinos all over the place. Create an atmosphere of positive inspiration and hope. Allow the children to sit in the fruit parks, our elderlies from within the district can get fruits at a reduced price. We can have youngsters involved in taking care of the park of their own districts and help with sale of the fruits at reduced prices to our elderly.
  7. Tax incentives (like a small decrease of 1%) for supermarkets that are buying on regular basis from the local producers that is not their own backyard. We are not going to stimulate supermarket owners who makes all the money to produce in their own backyard and put it on the shelves as well, give others the room to live also…you can’t be hogging it all up!!
  8. Have backyard farming stimulated simultaneously with supermarkets buying from locals, to help generate funds for the individual and help cover their bills like rent, food, loans
  9. Give a free online course to the masses on budgeting their money. We have many qualified locals that will be willing to do that, no need to go looking for expert outside to fly them in. People it has a lot that can be done.
  10. Perform some audits on government owned companies to see where exactly is the bleeding. Again, have the audit done rotating between the government SOAB of the sisters’ countries so no-ones coffers will be burdened. 
  11. Fuel clause is another separate point of discussion, the question to be posed is: where is the fuel clause funds going and what is being done with it? Are the masses benefitting from this?
  12. Have a more objective and effective media house that really provides narratives from both sides and truthful information not manipulated, inflated, exaggerated and most of the time wrong information to the masses to serve their own hidden agenda or those they are representing.

Union leaders, you are suppose to carry this fight better than this, government the disunion is visible and tiresome just arrange the discontentment and start passing laws and do the right thing; we don’t need all the grandstanding where knowledge is showcased. We all know all have been there long enough to know what you know, hence the reason for where we are right now. The population start standing up for your rights and show the government what direction you want them to go so you can guide them in that direction. Get organized people and let’s move on! Time is running short. 

My advice: Stop this manipulative vaccine campaign as people have rights, respect those that want to reinforce their immune system, through natural remedies; many had covid and cure themselves naturally. I commend the CPS for having the option to boost sell herbs and so forth the other day at one of the locations. Those like us that believe in natural herbs, continue with your tradition that works for you. Do not condone labour policies to be adapted to suit the taking or not taking of vaccines, sit on table with all stake holders. This all reminds me pf when a country was conquered back then, conquerors impose their culture their will through many means and take away the people identity; and the story seems to be wanting to repeat itself; be smart enough to know that people didn’t come from monkeys like how back then it was told, don’t be mesmerized by the banana in front of you. People has evolved and know the truth that still tried to be hidden and kept away, use it, knowledge is power. Union leaders and government that are on ego trips and power play there’s a time and place for that and that’s not now, because the country’s failure will be equally shared amongst all of you that is sitting doing nothing but talking! It’s time to guarantee a better future for the next generation, let’s all do this together! Stop the local targeting, because they are the same ones you need to have the economy going.

Mrs Pamela Gordon Carty MBA, MSC