New Radio talk show to hit the airwaves



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The newest radio talk show “Twelve to One Talk – with Fernando Clark” is set to hit the airwaves starting Monday, February 4th on SOS Radio.

The show hosted by radio personality Fernando Clark will air Mondays through Fridays from 12.00 noon to 1.00 pm and will kick off with a guest dubbed by Clark as the Godfather of radio talk shows in St. Maarten, Mr. Oral Gibbes.

Twelve to One Talk with Fernando Clark is geared towards allowing the general public to call in and voice their opinion on current social issues such as culture, education, politics and religion just to name a few.

The show will carry three format types: 1) Guests, which will feature discussions with one or several guests. 2) Topics, which will allow the callers to discuss one or several specified topics. And 3) Free for all, which allows callers to discuss any topic of their choice.

“The need for such a radio show in this country is evident as people have limited opportunities to voice their opinions and have it heard by the masses.” Clark said in an interview with SOS radio station manager, Jacque “Billy D” Hamlet. “So, SOS Radio was the obvious choice for such a program.”

The daily show is an addition to Clark’s Tuesday night radio show “On Line” which will continue in it’s current format while Twelve to One Talk with Fernando Clark will focus on the voice of the general public.

Listeners on both sides of St. Martin, the surrounding islands and the outer world are encouraged to tune in to SOS radio for this new radio program and to take advantage of the opportunity to voice their opinions, state their grievances, make their remarks or seek information.