Progress must not be elusive to women of their societies, says SKNLP leadership

honourees and invited guests with the SKNLP leadership


Basseterre, St. Kitts, -– Calls for the Timothy Harris-led government stop frustrating the women of the twin-island federation and for the to stand up, speak up, show up and not allow themselves to be trampled upon.

Leader of the Opposition, the Rt. Hon. Dr. Denzil L. Douglas speaking at a reception and awards ceremony to mark International Women’s Day, encouraged women across the Federation and the region, to “broaden their horizons, keeping in tune with this year’s theme #PressForProgress.”

“Our young ladies must see the opportunities for socio-economic advancement that drive them to broaden their horizons and lead meaningful lives. Progress must begin with mentorship for the young women who aspire to fulfill their goals without fear of harassment from those who see them as objects and not equal partners with the capability to climb the corporate ladder like their male counterparts,” Dr. Douglas told the gathering.

“Progress must not be elusive for the women in a society such as ours where the majority of households are headed by females who will set the pace for which the girl child will be able to press for their dreams to become a reality,” said the former prime minister.

“I call on the Government to reassess its priorities and commitments to our women at all levels who must experience progress and not frustration and empty promises,” said Dr. Douglas, the Political Leader of the St. Kitts-Nevis Labour Party (SKNLP).

The Federation’s lone parliamentary representative, Hon. Marcella Liburd,
encouraged more women to join the front line of the battle for equality.

“Stand up, speak up and show up! Stand up for your rights, because if you don’t you’ll get trampled. Lots of persons are being trampled right now because, for whatever reason, they are afraid to stand up for their rights. Speak out, more and more women are becoming victims of violent crimes. And we have to show up! It’s all good we are talking about women rights and what’s good for women, but when there are events, where we need to see you, come together to plan functions, events and strategize, you need to show up,” she said.

Honoured and awarded for their contribution to their various communities were: Constituency #1, Andrea Gumbs; #2, Cheryl Bassue; #3, Debbie Trotman; #4, Corrine Small; #5, Muriel Powell; #6, Estha Leader-Salters; #7, Caren Williams and #8, Sarah Jane Martin.