MHF receives donations to paint the building’s exterior

The entrance of the newly painted Mental Health Foundation together with Marvel McKenzie of Marvel Painting B.V. and his dedicated team; Paul Gittens (Sherwin-Williams representative) and MHF staff.


CAY HILL – Over the past week, the Mental Health Foundation’s (MHF) exterior has been painted and upgraded. The Foundation has not been upgraded since it moved into its current location at Leopard Road #1 in 2011.

This project was highly overdue as the exterior paint deteriorated year after year and was in such a bad state that it made the staff of the Foundation believe it had a negative impact, and most importantly, the patient’s experience. The poor exterior of the Foundation also drew the attention of Marvel McKenzie, owner of Marvel Painting, who contacted the Foundation with the message he and his team would paint the exterior as a donation.

MHF’s management and staff sincerely thanked the persons and organizations that made the upgrading of the exterior building possible: Marvel Painting B.V. and team who donated more than one week of their time to power wash, prime and paint the entire exterior; Sherwin-Williams sponsored paint and painting materials; A&A supplies donated paint in 2016, which will be used to upgrade the interior of the building in the coming weeks and months.

Special thank yous went to the owner of Marvel Painting who initiated the project. The end result exceeded all expectations and MHF is truly proud of its fresh and professional look.

MHF is the leading secondary healthcare provider in mental health on St. Maarten and has been operational since 2006. The MHF currently has seven care products; clinic care, crisis management, psychiatric home health care, day treatment center, short stay/long stay apartments, admission ward, information and prevention and supporting departments such as administration, facilities (kitchen, cleaning, maintenance and security) and HR, that work diligently for the mental health concerns of the community.

MHF provides psychiatric and psychological care to a group of more than 1,000 inhabitants of St. Maarten, a significant number that is still growing. The Mental Health Foundation is a non-profit Foundation.