Buncamper-trial postponed to allow hearing witnesses

Sint Maarten Courthouse


Source: Today Newspaper

GREAT BAY – The Common Court of Justice postponed the trial against former Public Health Minister Maria Buncamper-Molanus and her husband Claudius yesterday until an unspecified future date.

In a pro forma hearing yesterday afternoon, attorney Jairo Bloem asked the court to hear six witnesses; the solicitor-general opposed the request and in the end the court allowed hearing three of them: notary Francis Gijsbertha, Ivan Havertong, director of St. Maarten Building Supplies and notary Tjong-Ajong.

The court sent the case back to the Judge of Instruction where the witnesses will be heard.

On April 7 of last year, the Court in First Instance sentenced both Buncampers to a 12-month conditional prison sentence and 240 hours of community service for tax fraud to the tune of 80,000 guilders and forgery.

Retired notary Francis Gijsbertha was sentenced to 240 hours of community service for his role in what became known as the Eco-Green scam. The prosecutor’s office initially appealed the Gijsbertha-verdict as well, but it withdrew the appeal a day before the court hearing, on Wednesday.