14th annual Women’s Conference in Curaçao



CURAÇAO – Curaçao will host the 14th annual women conference, with the theme: “About Legacy and Female Leadership” at the Curaçao Hilton Hotel on May 27 and 28.

The annual Women’s Conference in Curaçao focuses on providing working women from all walks of life, who once asked: “who am I,” “what else can I do” and “is this what success is all about;” an annual weekend space, with a relevant topic of interest that will contribute to the personal and professional development of each participant.

Confirmed speakers for 2017 are: anthropologist Su Girigori from Curaçao, lawyer Ivonne Pinedo from Miami, Florida, and health professional Kenneth Cuvalay from St. Eustatius.

The conference also offers relevant presentations with interesting topics on health, fashion and lifestyle.

With this 14th annual women’s conference in Curaçao, “we continue to support and to empower women who are combining work, family and life in general. The (female) student with ambitions to have a great career and also for male and female managers, business owners and human resource officers, who need to understand more of the challenges and realities that professional women bring into a company and what messages and wisdom they will be leaving behind,” a release said.

Based on the input of the participants and the invited experts, the conference will provide valuable contemporary strategies and tools. Each participant must leave the conference encouraged to work on their own legacy.

Legacy and Female Leadership is the continuation of the conferences, “About Women and Spirituality” in 2016; “About Women and Sensuality” in 2015; “About Women Evaluating” in 2014; “About Women and Vision” in 2013; “About Women and Influence” in 2012; “About Women and Creativity” in 2011; “About Women and Control” in 2010; “About Women and Opportunity” in 2009; “About Women and Health” in 2008; “About Women and Power” in 2007; “About Women and Image” in 2006; “About Women and Money” in 2005; and “About Women and Work” in 2004.

More information on the 14th annual women conference “About Legacy and Female Leadership” will continue to be updated on their Facebook page: About Female Leadership and on www.aboutfemaleleadership.com.

More information is available via e-mail: aboutfemaleleadership@gmail.com.

The organization of the annual Women’s Conference in Curaçao is working to make this again a special and deserving experience.