GEBE continues to make strides in building effective teams with TPI



PHILIPSBURG – NV GEBE held a second round of departmental full day “Building Effective Teams” (BET) Retreats facilitated by Training Professionals International Firm (TPI) on February 23 and February 24, held at the Westin St. Maarten Dawn Beach.

The retreats are a continuation of the Managing Board’s (MB) committed initiative to improve department processes, procedures, systems and functions. With a special emphasis on employee performance, accountability, leadership, team synergy and effective communication.

The BET Retreats commenced early this month for the Distribution Department held on February 2 and February 3. The results have been measurably successful and the MB has taken initiatives to ensure the department’s progress is consistent and monitored. The MB has committed to the post BET follow-up sessions for the departments and they will be held in April.

The post sessions will provide an objective analysis of the changes that have taken place in the department, measure the effects of the changes as it relates to enhanced productivity, gain valuable feedback from all members of the departments, acknowledge achievements, provide ongoing support to leadership and establish ongoing short and long-term measurable goals.

Dr. Natasha Gittens, President & CEO of TPI stated, “Distribution and Production illustrated an obvious desire to commit to the new direction of NV GEBE. The organization has been faced with some challenges over the last several months, but the staff remains committed to improving areas that will both regain and maintain the community’s confidence. It has been proven statistically that a ‘learning organization’ must look at their ‘current state,’ good, bad or indifferent to formulate a revised plan to reach effective operational progression and success.”

Kenrick Chittick, GEBE’s CEO said, “With the commitment from the employees, NV GEBE will be moving forward to improving its services to St. Maarten to which we all belong and are also a customer. This company has great potential and only by getting the workers together in harmony will we accomplish our goals. Based on the positive responses from those that participated, such a session was organized in the right time and may need to expand to other departments. The Managing Board is committed to each worker within the various departments to excel.”

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