Community service for Back Street brawlers



PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — The suspects L.G. (46), N.Z.V.G. (33), S.J.V.M. (36), S.G. (52), all born in the Dominican Republic appeared in front of the Judge of the Court of First Instance on Wednesday, February 22. They are suspects in a big brawl on Back Street, which took place on November 11, 2016. Reason for the brawl was a complaint filed by N.Z.V.G. against J.G.G.D. for rape/lechery of a minor.

The Prosecutor believed it is legally and convincingly proven that the suspects N.Z.V.G. and L.G. were guilty of public violence and resisting arrest, and asked for 60 hours of public service against them. Against the suspect S.J.V.M., the Prosecutor asked for 20 hours of public service for resisting arrest. Against S.G., the Prosecutor asked for 80 hours of community service for public violence, resisting arrest and theft.

The judge in his verdict said, however, that the charge of resisting arrest was not proven. This led to the acquittal of all charges against S.J.V.M. Against the three other suspects, the judge handed down a sentence of 50 hours community service of which 25 hours suspended.

The criminal investigation against J.G.G.D. for allegedly committing rape/lechery has been dismissed due to lack of evidence.