You have missed an opportunity


Dear Editor,

I do not understand what I am currently experiencing. I do not understand what my party the National Alliance just did. Somebody please explain it to me because it makes no sense. How under God’s sky does the NA who spent an entire campaign telling its supporters that Theo and Frankie only want to secure their family and their cronies turn now and form a government with them.

How do you tell us on the campaign trail that Theo only seeks to cut deals when he can or build a bridge that sent food prices high or was just in court for vote buying, then turn and form a government with him. The amount of things you told us he has done wrong and why we should never trust him and his party was astounding.

How can you insult the NA supporters by telling us it was the “campaign” talking and now it’s different? Do you know what you just did? You just called us stupid. You just told us it’s just an act to get us to vote and now we have to understand and accept that we have been played. How can you do that to supporters who have spent years trying on your behalf to get Theo and his cronies out of the way for good? We have made enemies and burnt bridges on things you have said because we trusted you.

What you have essentially done is give a very weak Theo new life. The man lost 2,000 votes and did nothing during his most recent time in government. The only thing he did was give away Emilio Wilson Park and had a Prime Minister who told the people of St. Maarten to go hang themselves.

You saved the political life of the very same person who screwed you in the past and will do so again. What you have done is given new life to a monster that Silveria will have to deal with when you exit stage left or a monster that will consume Silveria and the entire National Alliance party.

One by one Theo will pick off your members. Because we all know the weakness of the Alliance has always been that some of its most prominent members want to be Theo or close to Theo and his ilk. Is that why you keep running back to him over and over again? Because you still bear an inferiority complex and feel the need to be next to the Watheys? You have missed an opportunity to put them away for good.

Now they will do what they always do when they have the reins of power. They will secure their own business deals and consolidate their power to protect their elitist self-entitled ways over the people of St. Maarten. Congratulations William. You finally created another DP of the 80’s. Oh, you might not see it now. But it is coming.

Your supporters have been loyal. You could almost count on a loyal base of 4,000 people. But what are we supporting now? We are supporting a party and a leader who doesn’t mean what he says and doesn’t say what he means. A leader who boldly tells us that it was all an act and now play along and take governing seriously. I mean, seriously?

Mr. Marlin, the only thing you have done is sped up the demise of the NA. You will see a departure of your own people towards the UP or another party. You already lost votes this past election, expect to lose more when Theo sees the opportune time to buy your members, convince them to go independent, go into a coalition with someone else and properly castrate the Alliance. If this government holds, this will happen somewhere around a year and a half before the next election, maybe two. Wait for it.

I feel cheated. I feel disgusted that the UP-NA are now one party with one leader and that’s Theo Heyliger. Never did I think this would happen and I wonder how the other Alliance members feel. People will remember that “it was a campaign” line come next election. We will know that you and maybe even Silveria is just play acting. Not to be trusted. Good luck getting two seats next time.

A now former Alliance voter

Name withheld at author’s request.