Sundial School 5th Annual Coach Retreat 2022



PHILILPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Sundial School staff went on their 5th annual retreat with their School Coach on Friday, February 25, 2022. The Retreat this year went mobile! The Retreat started after the passing of Hurricane Irma. Teachers and staff of Sundial
School had worked to meet all expectations, in spite of their personal circumstances.

To facilitate and strengthen interpersonal connections among teachers and staff at
Sundial School, our School Coach plans and organizes an annual Coach Day Retreat.
First, staff members gathered at the TelEm parking for 7:30am. They were then picked up
and bussed to 1 of 3 locations.

The 1st location was Carl’s Unique Inn Conference room, where staff had a light breakfast
while “feeling and painting;” then staff members “had the word” where a lively discussion
ensued between staff members who discussed the significance of certain words that had
special connotations to them.

Then staff were bussed to the 2nd location for lunch at Rosie’s Snack bar on Mullet Bay
Beach. The 3rd and final location was in Madame Estate, where staff engaged in a lively game of paintball. Then staff were returned to the parking lot to close the day off.

Staff had an “AMAZING” day and would like to thank the following businesses and
establishments that contributed to this event.
Belair Beach Hotel
Windward Islands Bank
Orco Bank
Caribbean Gems
Openbaar Ministerie Sint Maarten

Special mention goes to: C&G Events on the Go, who planned and organized all
activities; Rosie’s Snack bar for the awesome lunch, and Carl’s unique Inn for
graciously hosting our morning session.

The theme for this year’s Coach Retreat was: “Recognizing the value of camaraderie
amongst yourself and your teammates.” The Coach Day Retreat is exclusively for Sundial School staff.