No criminal investigation against National Detectives Agency head


SIMPSON BAY – On June 19, 2016 L.C.J. Lewis filed a complaint against the head of the National Detectives Agency of St. Maarten A. Doran. Lewis accused Doran of forgery, perjury and defamation.

Under the responsibility of the Attorney-General A.R.E. Schram, the National Detectives Agency of Curaçao conducted an extensive fact-finding investigation into those allegations. Within this investigation a total of 11 persons were heard, including several persons working for the National Detectives Agency. In addition, written documents have been added to the file.

The investigation has established that the allegations, as expressed by Lewis against Doran are unjustified and do not have a factual basis. There was a rapidly escalating labor dispute between Lewis and his employer.

Within the disciplinary process that led to the suspension of Lewis, the proper procedures had been followed. The reports written by Doran in this regard were not incorrect and can be substantiated by evidence or statements made by witnesses. Also the reports were not distributed differently than necessary.

No one has been considered a suspect in the investigation. There is also no suspicion of forgery, perjury, slander or any other offense committed by Doran.

No criminal investigation will follow and the case is considered closed.