Police warns youngsters with taser

Chief Inspector Ricardo Henson

The Police Department has taken notice of the fact that the possession or use of tasers by youngsters is becoming popular. Recently in two separate cases students of secondary schools were caught in the possession of a taser.

The tasers were taken away from the students in question and the students were expelled from school. The Police Juvenile Department was informed and the tasers were confiscated.

Tasers are “electroshock weapons” that come in different types, shapes and sizes. Tasers can be compared to being in the possession of a firearm. The use of these weapons can be very dangerous and can cause severe burns and even cause a heart attack.

The Police Departments is warning the entire community including youngsters that the use and/or possession of a taser in public places are illegal. This is also a special message for parents to pay attention to what your children are buying and have around the house. We are better safe than sorry.