Port St. Maarten supports Tyra Els in Fundraising Gala Dinner on Friday in the Promotion of the Arts

Tyra Els at Port St. Maarten.

PORT ST. MAARTEN – On Friday, August 12th, from 7.30pm to 11.00pm, the Tyra Els fundraising Gala Dinner will kick-off at Port St. Maarten with music by Latin Sugar and DJ King Kembe along with special performances.  It will be a night to remember that will also include performances by Tyra Els as well.

Port St. Maarten is sponsoring the venue, security, catering, clean-up along with other logistics in order to raise funds for local dance artists Tyra Els to be able to continue and complete her studies abroad in performance of the arts.

Tyra attends one of the top U.S. dance schools, namely “The Ailey School,” which is also considered one of the top schools in the world.

Port St. Maarten supports the development of the arts sector in the country.  “We are a tourist destination and professional performers are needed for various activities and events.  This can go a long way in establishing heritage and cultural events that would be part of re-inventing cruise tourism.

“We need to produce authentic homegrown experiences for our visitors in order for them to keep on coming.  It would display the uniqueness of our destination when compared to others leaving a memorable experience with the visitor wanting to come back for more.

“We see the potential in Tyra Els and would like to be a part of her success story.  She has been given a great opportunity to attend one of the best dance schools in the world.  This is indeed an investment in her because we see the potential.  We are looking forward to having Tyra Els become the first Port St. Maarten Ambassador,” Port St. Maarten Management said on Tuesday.

Tyra Els has her sights set on establishing her own first professional dance academy for the Caribbean once she completes her studies with Sint Maarten being the base and becoming a hub for the arts.

Els is very thankful for the assistance that Port St. Maarten has been giving her and for accepting her proposal regarding the fundraiser.

Els added that a professional dance academy could be a boost for tourism during the slow season and that Sint Maarten could become the hub for the arts.  “We can attract high-end visitors who are into the arts to attend performances that would be put on here.  There could also be exchanges as well bringing in dancers and performers from all around the world who would spend time here attending a workshop.

“We need a facility on the island where quality productions can be made.  We can do so much more besides the sea, sun and sand by adding the arts to the mix.  I would like to thank all those who have been assisting and supporting me on this endeavor to help me grow. We must always aim for excellence,” Tyra Els said on Tuesday.

Tickets are on sale for US$100 which includes a three course dinner, live music and performances and a complete red carpet treatment.  Those interested in attending the event can contact Tyra Els at: tyra_els@hotmail.com or call 586-7161.