Daniel Collins author receives assistance from MP Marlin-Romeo for “Walking with Faith”


PHILIPSBURG – The committee of the Give Back to the Community Program selected Daniel Collins as the month of August’s donation recipient.

In the opinion of the committee this book gives valuable information that many can identify with in this journey called life. This is a great contribution to the community stated Member of Parliament (MP) Leona Marlin-Romeo.

Daniel has put pen to paper in the form of co-authoring a newly published book called “Walking with Faith”. Taking the challenge of writing a book has been one of Collins’ aspirations, however, it was not a priority. When the opportunity presented itself through the book writing project organized by Mike Rodriguez, Daniel took that challenge.

This is a positive initiative and the donation received will be used to reorder more books so that persons may have access to the series of inspirational stories that will encourage them to walk in faith.

This book further highlights Sint Maarten in the literary world. The general public is being asked to support another one of Sint Maarten’s talented young professionals.

One may wonder what the next step is after writing this book, this is already being worked on. Daniel knows his calling to be teaching and training and has joined Mike Rodriguez’ team of world-wide speakers. His focus will be strengthening businesses in the area of sales and building individuals’ public speaking and presentation skills.