To move forward, action is needed now


I would like to commend Minister Angel Meyers for giving NV GEBE a deadline by August 15, in regard to doing something about renewable energy and more specifically solar.

I would like to see a plan of action from NV GEBE, not just another proposal. I am tired of hearing about proposals when there are concrete studies and a bid on file at NV GEBE already.

It is time for NV GEBE to implement a plan of action prior to August 15. I have a lot of confidence in the new Board, which has been working hard since their appointment over a month ago to get things moving.

It is not that difficult for NV GEBE to lead by example and start with their own office roof tops, the power plant roofs, the schools to reduce their high electricity bills, followed by the Government parking lots along the Pondfill as a pilot project.

NV GEBE also needs to start connecting the meters of residents that already have solar power panels. The time for talk is over. We need to start making firm decisions with a plan of action in the general interest of our people.

As a former Minister of VROMI who approved our National Energy Policy in 2014, and in which GEBE was a key stakeholder in setting up our energy policy; based on their concession agreement with Government whereby deadlines for solar renewable energy were established, today these deadlines have not been met by NV GEBE.

In the past St. Maarten was one of the first to have a National Energy Policy, but the last to have started any project within the renewable energy area. I challenge the new GEBE Supervisory Board to have a plan of action and lead by example of previous Boards to start a pilot project by August 15, where solar energy is concerned for the people of the country.

GEBE needs to live up to their 2011 Concession Agreement, which stated in the first five years of their concession, that they need to have 10 percent of their energy coming from renewable energy which NV GEBE is in breach of right now.

To move forward, action is needed now.

MP Maurice Lake