Celestial Wedding planners receives certification in Event Planning


PHILIPSBURG – Celestial Wedding planners received certification in the field of Wedding and Event Planning.

Certified special events planner Sharon Remy said, “This group of fine ladies has shown extreme dedication in planning and coordinating many corporate, social and personal events on the island, mainly weddings for destination brides. They have proven their ability to power through long days and nights to complete celebrations desiring of local, regional and international clients.

We are a strong team with one goal, assisting in making the island the most requested destination or hot-spot to celebrate any event.”

“We have been traveling to numerous countries namely Canada and the United States spreading the word of an amazing island, unequalled anywhere, a country where a diversity of nations becomes a melting pot of total uniqueness for celestial celebrations,” Remy noted.

The ceremony begun with an opening prayer by Pastor Ivon Valerie, who also assisted in presenting the graduates with their certificates, while proud family members looked on, as Tamara Jeffers-Reed, Makeda James, Marguerite Stewart-Reymond, Shemiqua Lake, Marcia Connor, Kenya Jack and Marcia Remy received their certificates.

Celestial Graduates-1

Remy, who supervised the practical and written examinations, had them corrected by NYC special events director T. Jae Ray Blackman. “Waiting to receive the certificates to turn over to my team was painful. The wait was too much. I wanted to know how they did, I wanted to know how I did,” she said with a smile.

In addition to certificates, trophies and medals were included to show gratitude for outstanding performance. Jeffers-Reed received the MVP trophy, Connor received Jr. MVP, Stewart-Reymond received the most dedicated medal, and Jack received a medal for most improved.

When asked about the team’s next step, and others being certified as event planners, Remy responded, “They are now big guns, they can open and operate their own planning businesses. That’s how serious the certification is, and I am super proud of them. Knowledge is power and I am excited that I was able to offer them the opportunity. I am a certified special events planner, coordinator and trainer. My doors are open.”

Closing remarks by Remy mentioned the different character of each graduate, thanking their family and friends for taking the reins while they were gone for extended hours. Special thanks were also given to long standing service providers, from taxi drivers to entertainment, who helped complete events on the island.