The Gendarmes calls for witnesses in shooting death

Capitaine Emmanuel MAIGNAN

SAINT MARTIN – On Wednesday, July 13, at 9:10am, a 67-year-old woman was shot dead near her vehicle in the parking lot of the “Leader Price,” located at Mont Vernon II in St. Martin.

The Gendarmes have already uncovered much human and technical information that are being investigated by a research team of St. Martin, which is looking into the details of the case.

According to information received, the alleged suspect was riding a two-wheeled vehicle, was wearing a helmet at the time of the shooting, and used a handgun.

The The Gendarmes is inviting anyone who has information that leads to identifying the shooter or the vehicle used, to dial 17, or go directly to their offices in La Savanne.

Furthermore, the gendarmerie is also inviting individuals and professionals with a private video or film of all or part of the public highway, and have interesting viewpoints to add to the investigation to visit the premises of the brigade research La Savanne to disclose the information.