Recycle for Saba Summer 2016 campaign

The Recycle for Saba interns at the I Love Saba sign at The Breadline Plaza, Windwardside. (L-R) Natasha Klaber, Enock Charles, Esther Henry and Görgé Blackman.

THE BOTTOM, Saba – On Friday July 22, the Recycle for Saba Summer 2016 campaign came to an end.

Recycle for Saba congratulated their four summer interns Enock Charles, Natasha Klaber, Esther Henry and Görgé Blackman, on a job well done. The campaign proved to be a very busy and interesting experience for the interns.

During the six weeks of the campaign, many groups in the community were approached in an effort to build more awareness of the recycling process, as well as gain feedback from the community about improvements that could be implemented by the Public Entity.

The children of Saba were visited in the schools and also during the summer camp. They were given presentations and fun recycling activities were created that the students enthusiastically participated in.

A week was dedicated to reaching out to the many businesses on the island. This is an important target group as the businesses generate more garbage than residents. All the households were also visited. The interns held brief discussions with persons at home, providing them with educational materials about the recycling process on Saba.

As a continuation of this effort, there were posts at the various grocery stores in order to reach people who were not home during the house visits. Other important meetings during the campaign included the Jamar Cleaning Company, government cleaning ladies, Sanitation Department, Saba Festival Foundation and various promoters of Carnival.

The interns created a successful campaign, which resulted in clearer communication about recycling between the community and the Public Entity Saba. Commissioner Zagers, the person who spearheaded the recycling movement on Saba, commented:

“I was very pleased to see how enthusiastically our interns tackled the Saba Summer Recycling Campaign. They were able to accomplish many achievements during a short timeframe and I look forward to continuing their efforts. We hope to be able to have a similar program with interns in the future.”