Committee calls on Government to make decision on new Parliament Building


St PETERS – As Chairman of the Ad Hoc Committee New Parliament Building, the committee is looking forward to a speedy response from the Prime Minister regarding the proposed location of the New Parliament Building.

In a closed door meeting on June 22, the committee members discussed several possible locations based on options that were presented. The Committee decided that the location of the current Government Administration Building is the most suitable to be considered.

This location, because of its proximity to the new Government Administration Building, would complement each other due to the short distance between the two.

A letter has been sent to the Prime Minister/Minister of General Affairs via the Chairlady of Parliament, requesting the Minister to look into the proposed location and whether it is feasible.

Once Government approves the designated location, the next stage would be to look at the design and development plans for the people’s house.

We have to start thinking about national development. Government has to start thinking about locations for different projects and assigning the locations in the general interest of St. Maarten.

In the Government Master Plan they need to assign more land for parking spaces in Philipsburg, and to create more nightlife in Philipsburg.

The upgrading of Front and Back Street is part of the improvement project for the Great Philipsburg area.