St Maarten’s cultural newspaper releases new edition for February 2016


PHILIPSBURG – Now available for viewing online “Cultural Xpression” created by St. Maarten local entrepreneur Denicio Wyatte can now be viewed online at:

Cultural Xpression is geared towards building awareness among the various communities in St. Maarten. With information from a global to a local perspective in the fields of Culture, Agriculture, Community Development, Health, Arts, Entertainment, Tourism and Sport, this is one newsletter that will stimulate the mind.

Cultural Xpression’s aim for 2016 is to empower the established and upcoming local businesses, community members and people with a vision and inspiration for change. Their mission is developing the St. Peters Community Garden Research and Development Center, where members of the surrounding communities, students and tourists may come to gain a one of a kind agricultural experience.

Agricultural sustainability is a very important topic that needs more attention. Wyatte is encouraging everyone to take time and think about this topic, as “we are what we eat!”


Spaceless Garden releases a new edition of the newsletter toward the end of each month distributed at the current locations: Maho Supermarket, Grand Marché in Simpson Bay, Cake House, Van Dorp in Simpson Bay, Abu Gazi in Simpson Bay, Pineapple Petes, Cappuccino, Toppers, Top Carrot, Edible Bouquets, Taste Factory, Levis in Simpson Bay, WIB, Government Building, Parliament Building, All Shell and Texaco Gas stations, DP Gas Station, 7 Alive, Market Garden, Royal Palm Hotel, Simson Bay Resort, Nature’s Discount in Simpson Bay, Philipsburg Jubilee Library, Banco Di Caribe, Samuel Bakery, Supermarket Middle Region, Body Action Fitness Center, Leonard Enterprise, Shieka’s Bistros , Sheik Supermarket in St. Peters, Dessam Supermarket in St. Peters, PJIA Airport, WTN, SZV, Pond Island Grocery in Sucker Garden, South Reward Supermarket, Carl’s and Son, South Reward Supermarket, St. Maarten Nectar, UTS, Chamber of Commerce, Sunny Foods, SXM Shipping, St. Maarten Nectar and McDonald’s in Simpson Bay and Dutch Quarter.

For those who are not able to get a physical copy, the newspaper can be viewed digitally at the link:

Wyatte would like everyone to support agricultural efforts in St. Maarten as there is nothing in place to ensure food security. Spaceless Gardens is currently accepting contributions towards the development of the St. Peters Community Garden and Research and Development Center from members of the community and worldwide.

For those who would like to contribute go to: