The police protecting the criminals now…? "Smile, You're on Intertoys Camera!"


Toys (1)-001COLEBAY, Sint Maarten — These women were caught on camera stealing various items from Intertoys Sint Maarten yesterday morning around 10.30am if you have any clue to their whereabouts would be greatly appreciated, we will be taking greater measure to prevent such things from occurring again.

They came in, with a young girl, took a stuffed cat, a backpack and a few other small items. The taller lady has a tattoo on her right hand and the other has one just behind her neck.

They left the store without purchasing anything.

Thieves at Intertoys SXMThieves at Intertoys Sint Maarten yesterday morning caught on camera…

Posted by Erjon Jonathan Williams on Tuesday, October 20, 2015

ON FACEBOOK THEY IDENTIFY THEM AS:  Samantha Jame aka “CUPCAKE and Sweetface Hair Tech OWNER Sweetface Thomas


Thieves brought back and paid for stolen items. They are a gang also well known by police who go around stealing.
They were actually notified by police that they should come to me (Rose Marie Williams) to settle this matter and to ask me to remove the video from fb.
Police did not contact me (Rose Marie Williams) they contacted the criminals. So what is this? The police protecting the criminals now?