Walichi Basketball Association Gets Support From Foundation Catholic Education St. Maarten For Basketball Afternoon School Program and Interscholastic Basketball Championship (IBC).

Philipsburg, St. Maarten, – Walichi Basketball Association Program Director Ms. Marit Gumbs and Vice President of the board Mr. Dennisio Duzong presented a Basketball Afternoon School Program to Foundation Catholic Education St. Maarten Executive Director Mrs. Lilia Aventurin – Hodge and Head Coordinator of the Afternoon School Programs Ms. Jamila Oliver. Mrs. Aventurin – Hodge and Ms. Oliver welcomed the program with open arms and were excited for the plans of the association as a way to keep the youth active.
Walichi Basketball Association has taken the responsibility of developing the youth in the sport of basketball and allowing them the opportunity to display their talents and skills in hope of future basketball opportunities. The use of sports, music and dance as a way to balance the students will be used throughout the program and Interscholastic Basketball Championship.

Each Catholic School will be approached with a Basketball Afternoon School Program as a way to teach the sport from a young age for both girls and boys as well as to enable them to be better prepared to take part in the upcoming Interscholastic Basketball Championship (IBC) in late 2015.

For more information, send an email to WalichiBasketball@gmail.com or call +17215549881