St. Maarten National Basketball Association (SXMNBA) Hosts Thrilling 3 on 3 Championship at LB Scott Sports Auditorium.



Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — The St. Maarten National Basketball Association (SXMNBA) proudly hosted its much-anticipated 3 on 3 Championship at the LB Scott Sports Auditorium this past Sunday, June 2, 2024. From 4 PM to 8 PM, five dynamic teams competed in a series of exhilarating matches, showcasing their skills and determination in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

The teams participating in this year’s championship were:

  • The Comebacks
  • 3 Da Hard Way
  • The Unforgettables
  • Off Da Boat (AXA)
  • French Ballers

The competition began with high energy as The Unforgettables faced Off Da Boat, with Off Da Boat emerging victorious with a score of 9-4. In the following game, The Comebacks displayed their prowess by defeating 3 Da Hard Way 11-3. Off Da Boat continued their winning streak in a close match against the French Ballers, ending 8-7.

As the games progressed, The Comebacks solidified their dominance by winning against The Unforgettables 13-5 and narrowly defeating the French Ballers 8-6. In a dramatic and closely contested game, Off Da Boat clinched a win over The Comebacks 7-6, setting the stage for a thrilling finale.

The championship’s climax was an unforgettable double-overtime final, where Off Da Boat from Anguilla faced The Comebacks. In a nail-biting finish, Off Da Boat triumphed with a 7-6 victory, securing their title as champions of the 2024 SXMNBA 3 on 3 Championship.

**Match Results:**

  1. The Unforgettables 4 vs 9 Off Da Boat
  2. 3 Da Hard Way 3 vs 11 The Comebacks
  3. French Ballers 7 vs 8 Off Da Boat
  4. The Unforgettables 5 vs 13 The Comebacks
  5. 3 Da Hard Way 5 vs 6 French Ballers
  6. The Comebacks 6 vs 7 Off Da Boat
  7. 3 Da Hard Way 6 vs 8 The Unforgettables
  8. French Ballers 6 vs 8 The Comebacks
  9. 3 Da Hard Way 9 vs 11 The Comebacks
  10. The Unforgettables 5 vs 6 French Ballers
  11. **Finals**: Off Da Boat 7 vs 6 The Comebacks (Double Overtime)

The SXMNBA extends its heartfelt congratulations to Off Da Boat for coming from Anguilla and for their remarkable performance and thanks all teams for their participation and sportsmanship. This event highlights the growing enthusiasm for basketball in St. Maarten and the neighboring islands, promoting unity and sports excellence in the region.

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