Judith Roumou pre-trial detention suspended again.


Philipsburg, Sint Maarten — In the case of the 40-year old woman J.R. the Judge of Instruction followed the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to suspend the pre-trial detention again.

The Prosecutor’s Office dropped certain special conditions, which means J.R. is no longer obliged to cooperate with the Probation Department, neither with a psychologist or psychiatrist.

The remaining conditions are that she is still not allowed to contact the people that pressed charges against her, that she needs to be available for police and justice and that she cannot commit new crimes. J.R. is summoned to appear in court for the two most recent crimes on the 21nd of October.

The other cases are still under investigation.


Previous Press Release dated Sept 28, 2015

On Monday September 28th 2015, at approximately 08.35 a.m. under orders from the Public Prosecutors Office, the 40-year-old woman J.R. was arrested for violating the conditions of her suspended pre-trial detention. The conditions were set by the Judge of Instruction on the 6th of july 2015.

One of the conditions is that she should not commit new crimes. J.R. is suspected of offending an attorney and a police officer in public. J.R. will be lead before the judge of instruction tomorrow.