The Department of Social Services signs Partnership Agreement with Prominent Women


PHILIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — On Friday 5 June, 2015 representatives of Prominent Women, Apostle Alicia Liverpool and Ms. Ramona Riley, together with Head of Department, drs. Peggy-Ann Dros-Richardson, and Social Workers, Ms. Rachel Doorson-Gefferie and Ms. Naila Carty, signed an agreement for a partnership and joint working relationship in the interest of empowering marginalized women within society.

The idea is to offer a more holistic approach with regards to helping disenfranchised women within the community by implementing a three phase process of intensive workshops.

During phase one, participants of the workshops will explore the question “Who am I?” The women will explore all aspects of themselves such as their values, their potential and their opportunities. The hope is to encourage women to see beyond their present circumstance to the greater possibilities for greatness within them.

Phase two will then focus mostly on their hindrances, boundaries and threats on their way to becoming who they truly are. The goal is to give the participants a realistic view of where they are, who they would like to become and what it will take to get there.

The final phase is the practical application phase where each participant will be expected to map out a realistic approach to restructure their lives. During this phase it is expected that the participants will participate in volunteer and other outreach programs that will assist with implementing a new way of thinking.

Prominent Women and the Department of Social Services are very much looking forward to beginning this initiative. If anyone is interested in further information concerning this collaboration, please visit the Department of Social Services to speak with a Social Worker.

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