Client Success Story Spotlight on: Kambui James


PHIIPSBURG, Sint Maarten — Kambui James came to the Department of Labor Affairs and Social Services as a participant of the SEI (Social Economic Initiative) Employability through Training Project (ETTP). His primary goal in seeking the assistance of the Department was to find sustainable employment.

Mr. James wanted to develop his skills and advance his training. He felt as though he had great potential and was capable of doing much more than the jobs he was able to get with his present credentials. Therefore, in the hopes of gaining further knowledge and job related skills, he submitted himself to the process prescribed by a Social Worker and Job Coach at the Department of Labor Affairs and Social Services.

After completing the SEI ETTP, Mr. James enrolled in the volunteer program spearheaded by the Department of Social Services. He was assigned to the ASA “No Kidding with Our Kids” Foundation where he was a reading and crafts volunteer. It was during this time at ASA that the greatest improvements were seen in Mr. James in terms of his character, work ethic and potential. Mr. James blossoms as a reader for young kids. He even participated in the Family Reading Night Program by the Philipsburg Jubilee Library where he was a volunteer reader.

Mr. James has aspirations of becoming a teacher. He believes he can be a good example and that others can learn from his trials as well as his triumphs. He is most concerned with teaching young children a trade that they can always use their skills and talents as a means of livelihood. He believes this way no matter how the economy looks, persons will be able to work hard and support themselves with their craft.

Mr. James said the following of his experience:

Serving my community is a pleasure. Working with Labor Affairs and Social Services enabled me to perform my duties in a suitable environment which in turn stimulated a positive attitude towards my job and endeavors. Being a client of Social Services has sharpened my potential and taught me how to be a better team player.

In closing he states, “I now realize how much more we can get done together rather than alone.”

As a person of strong determination in persevering through adversity, Mr. James stands as a success story for the Department of Labor Affairs and Social Services. His praises are also sung by the ASA Foundation. Both organizations would like to salute Mr. James on a job well done and encourage him to continue on this new found path to destiny and purpose.

It is our collective hope that our clients benefit in like manner from their decision to seek help from the Department. For an appointment with the Social Worker or the Job Coach, contact the Department of Labor Affairs and Social Services today!